Operator Training

Broaster Company offers to its Licensed Trademark Operators an in depth seminar which provides two days of hands on learning in our training kitchen where Operators will gain valuable knowledge about Broaster Company’s products and equipment.

Our trainers will provide in depth instruction on how to prepare and cook Genuine Broaster Chicken®. Every step is covered in detail beginning with cleaning and trimming your fresh chicken to marinating and breading procedures, including proper cooking processes. You will also learn how to use and maintain your Broaster Company Pressure Fryers and Ventless Fryers, including how to properly filter and clean your equipment.

Additional sessions will cover how to prepare and coat a wide variety of proteins and other fresh foods using Broaster Foods® coatings and marinades giving you all the knowledge needed to create custom menu items that will set your business apart!

The Broaster Foods line of Individually Quick Frozen foods will be discussed in detail and you will receive hands on experience in how to cook these foods in Broaster Pressure Fryers. Did we mention the taste testing? Lunch is comprised each day by the Broaster Foods products that the attendees have been cooking using Broaster Equipment.

You will also gain valuable insight and instruction on how to market your business, how to menu plan for optimum profit potential and learn about all the tools and resources available to you from Broaster Company.

Registration fee of $275.00 per attendee includes: two night hotel stay (check in Tuesday afternoon and check out Thursday morning); breakfast, lunch and dinner on Wednesday; breakfast and lunch on Thursday and transportation from the hotel each day to Broaster Company. Registration fee must be received and processed by Broaster Company to complete registration.

Contact the training team at Broaster Company to register:  broaster@broaster.com

Upcoming Classes: April 22-23, 2020 |  June 17-18, 2020 |  August 19-20, 2020
September 16-17, 2020 |  November 18-19, 2020

Penny’s Kwik Stop Nationally Recognized as Golden Chicken Winner

Broaster® Company has named Penny’s Kwik Stop as the winner of the company’s prestigious Golden Chicken Award for Operator Excellence. The popular Iaeger convenience store is being acknowledged for providing customers with high quality Genuine Broaster Chicken® (GBC) for a memorable and delicious experience.

Each year Broaster Company presents its Golden Chicken Award to a select number of foodservice operators across the country to highlight their excellence and dedication to serving GBC.

Penny Lester, the owner of Penny’s Kwik Stop located in McDowell County, introduced GBC to local residents in May of 2017. Within the first year of introducing the chicken to the area, Lester increased food sales more than 20 percent.

Genuine Broaster Chicken is prepared with the freshest available chicken, proprietary ingredients and a distinctive cooking process. Pressure fried in a patented Broaster® Pressure Fryer, the final chicken product is tender, moist, crispy and not too greasy.

“Penny has rallied her customers around the Broasted Chicken experience,” says Jay Cipra, president & CEO of Broaster Company. “Her increase in chicken sales is not only impressive, but also shows the love that the residents of McDowell County have for our chicken. Stories like this make us proud to provide our operators a world-class product that people seek out to enjoy.”

Penny’s Kwik Stop serves 120 lbs. of chicken tenders per week as well as Broaster Foods wings and bone-in chicken and fresh potato wedges. Genuine Broaster Chicken’s new spicy chicken tenders are a top seller throughout the evening hours.
“Since serving Broaster chicken, we have generated loyal customers and have also received requests from local community organizations and churches for catering orders,” says Penny Lester, owner of Penny’s Kwik Stop. “Receiving the Golden Chicken Award is very exciting and will hopefully bring in a new batch of customers that have yet to try our chicken offerings.”

Visit Penny’s Kwik Stop in Iaeger, West Virginia, or on Facebook.