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We will never, ever say no to some Broaster Chicken 😍

#GenuineBroasterChicken #BetterBeBroaster
Those words are like music to our ears! 🎶

DM us for the full video of some of our fav reactions!

#BetterBeBroaster #GenuineBroasterChicken
Our 3rd style and newest addition to the Genuine Broaster Chicken line up, are our Genuine Broaster Chicken Tenders! 

💥 What sets Tenders apart from the 8 piece cut products is that the tenders are premarinated & then flash frozen in easy to use bags featuring a long shelf life. 

💥 Operators simply slack out the tenders & then bread using our flavorful Slo-Bro Tenders Coating & process & drop directly into their Broaster Pressure Fryer.

#GenuineBroasterChicken #BetterBeBroaster
Why Broaster’s Ventless Fryers?

Here’s what we’ve got to say 👇

The footprint of our Ventless Fryer is the perfect size! It's easy to use, not just to operate, but also to clean & maintain, it’s very intuitive, & it has the smarttouch control panel.

#GenuineBroasterChicken #BetterBeBroaster
Broaster Chicken goes fast at NRA! But how fast is fast?💥

🔺Fun Fact: 8,140 pieces of bone in chicken were served at NRA!

#GenuineBroasterChicken #BetterBeBroaster
#FAQFryDay: How Do I Get Started?

The #ChickenExperts know!
Call us at 800-365-8278 and let’s talk chicken!

#BetterBeBroaster #GenuineBroasterChicken #RestaurantIndustry
There Is Only One #GenuineBroasterChicken! ☝️

Not long after L.A.M Phelan began manufacturing the first Broaster Pressure Fryers that Genuine Broaster Chicken began gaining notoriety as an ideal solution for Wisconsin Supper Clubs looking to serve signature menu items.

As years went on, we began serving a variety of new food service operators with increasing demands for faster, more portable menu options. As we grew, we expanded our line of Broaster Foods coatings & marinades to include new ingredients that could be used to pressure fry fish, vegetables, beef, & pork products.

To keep up with these newfound needs, we introduced a full line-up of frozen foods under the Broaster Recipe label in the 1990s, so operators could expand their menus & serve high-quality items with greater convenience.

Check out our Ventless Countertop Fryers with Smarttouch!

Our compact ventless fryers fit virtually any countertop & since they are self-venting, they do not require a hood to operate.

Safety Features include:
💥Built in fire-suppression system
💥Resettable high-temp limit switch
💥Auto-lift feature that raises and lowers the basket

#GenuineBroasterChicken #BetterBeBroaster
It's not JUST fried chicken... It's more tender, juicier, & better than ordinary fried chicken! 🤗

#GenuineBroasterChicken #BetterBeBroaster
Another style of our Genuine Broaster Chicken is our Genuine Broaster Chicken Spicy 🔥

Based on our original recipe, Genuine Broaster Chicken Spicy uses an Extra Spicy Slo-Bro coating to kick the heat up. It has the same light coating you know and love from Genuine Broaster Chicken and answers the need for those who crave something a little on the hotter side!

#GenuineBroasterChicken #BetterBeBroaster
That's a Wrap on The 2024 @nationalrestaurantshow ! 💥

Thank you to everyone who came to see us at the 2024 National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago! We met a lot of great people, served more than 4,000 pounds of food, and had a blast doing it! 

We'll see ya next year!

#GenuineBroasterChicken #BetterBeBroaster
Where the good times happen & the BEST chicken is made 😏

#GenuineBroasterChicken #BetterBeBroaster
One style of our Genuine Broaster Chicken is our Original Broaster Chicken!

A customer favorite for 65 years, this is the same recipe LAM Phalen developed back in 1954. 

🔺 Fresh, 8 piece cut chicken is marinated in Chickite marinade & lightly coated with Slo-Bro coating
🔺 This is one of the only chicken programs on the market with a bread ahead coating process
🔺 Operators can bread in the morning & simply drop in their Broaster Pressure Fryer as needed
🔺 This speeds up the cooking process & allows higher throughput during peak periods
🔺 Provides customers with a lightly coated product that has a crisp coating without being too crunchy

#GenuineBroasterChicken #BetterBeBroaster
A little bit about our history and how Broaster Pressure Fryers changed the game! 💥

Our founder, L.A.M. Phalen invented & patented the first commercial pressure fryer in 1954! Drawing heavily upon his knowledge of pressure cooking & deep frying, he combined the two processes into a single, commercial cooking appliance.

Resulting in a process so revolutionary & so special, it required its own name: Broasting®. He began manufacturing the first Broaster Pressure Fryers under the moniker of Flavor Fast Foods, Inc. and from this platform, Broaster Company was hatched  in 1956!

#GenuineBroasterChicken #BetterBeBroaster