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How to Customize Your Broasted Chicken Menu

Although it rarely pays to mess with a classic, innovation is key for restaurants looking to attract new customers and drive vital revenue growth. But…this is a real challenge.

After all, you have to keep your regulars happy (who love your eatery the way it is), but you also have to try new things to – quite literally – feed your new patron pipeline.

Luckily, it’s never been easier to offer a timeless, yet highly versatile menu platform with a Genuine Broaster Chicken food program.

Here’s how to customize your menu to satisfy your hungry customers!

Start with the Basics: Chicken…Perfected

Genuine Broaster Chicken PackagingWhen you want to try something new, it never hurts to consult an expert. That’s why we caught up with Broaster Field Operations Development Leader, Chef Ken Folisi to share his thoughts on customizing Genuine Broaster Chicken.

Chef Ken has been in food service since he was a teenager and managed his own restaurant before joining the Broaster team.

No one keeps more current with food service trends than he does, so when asked about why our food programs are so successful in a variety of culinary environments, he had this to say:

“Well, Broasted Chicken is fresh, never frozen. Our signature marinades, cooking process, pressure frying equipment, and resulting products (always crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside) fuel great customer experiences and in turn…repeat business.

Although you need to follow our trademarked guidelines in order to truly serve and advertise “Broasted Chicken,” this is still the perfect starting point for customizing your menu items.

From traditional bone-in chicken to hand-breaded tenders to chicken sandwiches or even wings…you’re starting with a proven quality recipe that consumers know and love, so then…you just have to add your own flair to the equation.”

Well said…Chef Ken…well said. We truly believe that when it comes to customizing menu items that feature Genuine Broaster Chicken, the only limit is your own imagination.

3 Easy Ways to Customize Your Broasted Chicken Menu Items

Okay…so, you want to serve Broasted chicken in several forms. That’s good, we encourage that, but the next step is to customize your menu items to match the unique culinary style and aesthetic of your restaurant.

Luckily, we know three super, simple ways to get your creative juices flowing:

1) Signature Sauces

Broasted Chicken special saucesNothing complements mouthwatering Genuine Broaster Chicken better than pairing our trusted recipe with a signature sauce of your own design. In the restaurant business, we see this most commonly with items like chicken wings or boneless tenders.

For wings, try introducing your own signature buffalo, ranch, bbq, or extreme hot sauce?

For boneless tenders, maybe concoct some sort of honey mustard or honey sriracha, chipotle mayo…even signature gravy (shoutout to our Canadian neighbors to the North).

The possibilities are endless, so have some fun with the process! We know you’ll come up with some amazing sauce combinations.

BONUS TIP – Show a little behind-the-scenes on your social media accounts to start building intrigue for new sauces, or use some of your best customers as a mini-focus group to get some feedback.

2) Signature Sides

Broaster signature sidesThe best thing about serving a versatile, blue chip menu item is that you can simply build around it with creative, signature sides. And this can be done in so many different ways.

For example, why not find ways to enhance a traditional Broasted chicken dinner in a family restaurant setting with hand-rolled biscuits, gourmet mac & cheese, or even your secret family coleslaw recipe to give your customers plenty of homestyle options?

Or, let’s say you wanted to serve a signature chicken sandwich (incredibly popular right now) featuring a hand-breaded, marinated, Broaster pressure fried fillet.

You could create a signature combination of homemade bun with locally-sourced cheese and toppings, or whip up some house cut/seasoned potato chips with a signature pickle?

BONUS TIP – Chef Ken recommends pairing a traditional chicken dinner with Broaster potato wedges, as they can actually be pressure fried in the same basket as bone-in Broasted chicken for efficient cooking and added flavor.

3) Think Outside the Box

Broasted Chicken Chicken for breakfast? Hand-pulling meat off the bone for soups or salads? Rotating menu items? With ever-evolving taste buds and preferences, consumers are constantly looking for their next great meal experience.

Satisfy your hungry customers by trying things you’ve never done before. Those who continue to develop new, custom dishes and always have something exciting to offer will remain relevant in the minds of their customers.

One of the greatest advantages to becoming a Genuine Broaster Chicken operator is that you don’t only get a single menu item…but an entire menu platform with the added ability to update seasonally and utilize in a variety of unique ways.

BONUS TIP – Don’t feel like you need to abandon all your tried-and-true menu items and start over. That will only upset your most loyal patrons. Instead, identify your most popular and profitable items to see if there is a way to create an additional menu item with a fresh appeal (i.e. offering spicy options in addition to regular or adding a seasonal twist).

It’s Time to Get Creative…with Genuine Broaster Chicken!

So… are you feeling inspired and ready to start experimenting? If you’re already an operator, we can’t wait to learn how you’re customizing Broasted chicken menu items to meet the needs of your distinct customers.

However, if you’re new to Broaster and would like to learn more, feel free to get more details on our top-notch, trademark food programs.

Although there are plenty of advantages to becoming a Broaster operator (I mean, we don’t even have franchise fees, so you can keep your own profits), we’ll give Chef Ken the final word…

“Genuine Broaster Chicken has been a well-established comfort food (especially in the Midwest) for generations. But, even if you’re from a different part of the country where Broasted chicken isn’t well-known, offering “Broasted” vs. “fried” chicken just becomes a great way to differentiate your restaurant from the next.

It gives you something different to talk about and add to the uniqueness of your restaurant experience, which is really valuable.

I mean, I managed a restaurant that served Genuine Broaster Chicken for years…and eventually left to join the company. That’s how much I believe in it.” – Chef Ken Folisi, Broaster Field Ops. Development Leader

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