Trademark Food Program

This is truly one-of-a-kind chicken. It’s Genuine Broaster Chicken®, and it’s been a trusted iconic brand for more than 65 years.

Genuine Broaster Chicken is prepared with the freshest available chicken, proprietary ingredients and our own unique cooking process. It’s then pressure fried in a patented Broaster Pressure Fryer. The end result is an amazing aroma, an incomparable taste that’s beyond expectation and the only food program that delivers memorable meal experiences to our customers.

It’s the taste of chicken perfected and the only one that can truly be called Genuine Broaster Chicken.


What sets world-famous Genuine Broaster Chicken apart from other fried chicken is our unique process. After the chicken is coated it sits under refrigeration for a minimum of 30 minutes which creates a light a crispy coating. This allows your preparation to happen during off peak periods instead of needing to bread-and-drop for each order. Then the chicken is cooked in a “Broaster” and this is called “Broasting”. A unique cooking method you can only get from using a Broaster Pressure Fryer. 


Genuine Broaster Chicken Packaging
  • Breadings, Marinades, Seasonings
  • High-Quality Cooking Oils
  • Branded Packaging
  • Branded Apparel
  • National Brand Recognition
  • Marketing Support
  • On-site Foodservice and Equipment Training
  • No Fees, No Royalties, No Franchise Contract
  • Quality Equipment


In order to offer customers world-famous Genuine Broaster Chicken, operators must comply with the following requirements:

  • Prepare your fresh chicken using our exclusive Chickite® or Supreme® Marinade or purchase Chickite Plus premarinated chicken and Slo-Bro® Coating
  • Follow all preparation and cooking guidelines
  • Cook your fresh chicken in a proprietary Broaster Pressure Fryer
  • Have a signed, licensed trademark operator agreement on file with Broaster Company

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We won Best of the Bay again this year for our Broasted chicken!! That would be 14 years straight! Been serving broasted chicken for over 50 years and have to say you have the best equipment! THANK YOU!!

John Smits of Redwood Inn, Green Bay, June 23, 2019

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