Trademark Food Program

This is truly one-of-a-kind chicken. It’s Genuine Broaster Chicken®, and it’s been a trusted iconic brand for more than 65 years.

Genuine Broaster Chicken is prepared with the freshest available chicken, proprietary ingredients and our own unique cooking process. It’s then pressure fried in a patented Broaster Pressure Fryer. The end result is an amazing aroma, an incomparable taste that’s beyond expectation and the only food program that delivers memorable meal experiences to our customers.

It’s the taste of chicken perfected and the only one that can truly be called Genuine Broaster Chicken.


What sets world-famous Genuine Broaster Chicken apart from other fried chicken is our unique process. After the chicken is coated it sits under refrigeration for a minimum of 30 minutes which creates a light a crispy coating. This allows your preparation to happen during off peak periods instead of needing to bread-and-drop for each order. Then the chicken is cooked in a “Broaster” and this is called “Broasting”. A unique cooking method you can only get from using a Broaster Pressure Fryer. 


Genuine Broaster Chicken Packaging
  • Breadings, Marinades, Seasonings
  • High-Quality Cooking Oils
  • Branded Packaging
  • Branded Apparel
  • National Brand Recognition
  • Marketing Support
  • On-site Foodservice and Equipment Training
  • No Fees, No Royalties, No Franchise Contract
  • Quality Equipment


In order to offer customers world-famous Genuine Broaster Chicken, operators must comply with the following requirements:

  • Prepare your fresh chicken using our exclusive Chickite® or Supreme® Marinade or purchase Chickite Plus premarinated chicken and Slo-Bro® Coating
  • Follow all preparation and cooking guidelines
  • Cook your fresh chicken in a proprietary Broaster Pressure Fryer
  • Have a signed, licensed trademark operator agreement on file with Broaster Company

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Phil Caper, of Phil’s One Stop, a c-store chain in northern Indiana and Ohio partners with Broaster Company for its chicken program at six of 18 total locations. He said boneless chicken options, like the chicken tenders, are one of the stores best sellers. “it’s a great product”, he said.

CSD Magazine, June 13, 2019

Program Details

Bringing America’s Favorite Chicken to your customers is easy and profitable. Click to discover more details about our licensed trademark operator program.

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Broaster Legacy Series -- Tried. True. Tested.

Our state-of-the-art pressure fryers cook foods under controlled pressure in a sealed environment resulting in:

🔴 More tender, juicy and flavorful foods
🔴 Less oil absorption and reduced overall oil usage
🔴 Greater food production per machine for a better ROI

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Checkout these two Broaster Pressure Fryers!
The American Legion in Mattoon, Illinois has had one of their pressure fryers since 1985 and recently got a second one installed. 

We love when our operators expand with a new machine that works right alongside their original machine. #GenuineBroasterChicken #BetterBeBroaster
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#FAQFryDay: What is the difference between Broasted and fried chicken?

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Broasted chicken is battered and cooked in oil as well, but deep fried in a pressure cooker. It instantly locks in all the juices by immersion process cooking all sides of meat and once. One of the main differences between baking and frying is the heat source used to cook the food.

Broasted chicken is a trademark of the Broaster Company because we were the first to the bring pressure-fried, proprietary marinated chicken to the market and trademark the result!  If it sounds familiar, KFC claims a secret recipe for pressure-fried chicken as well, but cannot call it Broasted chicken because they don’t own the trademark.  The Broaster Company does partner with operators to serve Broasted chicken by following our program, using Broaster pressure fryers, and Broaster proprietary ingredients. #BetterBeBroaster #GenuineBroasterChicken #RestaurantIndustry
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Find some fresh, juicy, crispy pressure fried chicken near you on our store locator on our website! #BetterBeBroaster
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#FAQFryDay: Is Genuine Broasted Chicken for restaurants only??

The #ChickenExperts say 'Not at all!'
The Genuine Broasted Chicken programs are flexible with menu and equipment options related to a variety of channels including convenience stores, restaurants, grocery delis, food trucks, universities, and more! #BetterBeBroaster #GenuineBroasterChicken #RestaurantIndustry
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Have you heard about our Kitchen Innovation Award-winning E-Series 24G Pressure Fryer?

Our E-Series 24G cooks the MOST amount of chicken in the LEAST amount of time, with the LEAST amount of energy using the LEAST amount of labor, oil, and hood space.

🟥 Up to 35% Gas Energy Savings
🟥 Up to 4X More Days of Useful Oil Life
🟥 15-30 Minutes of Labor Savings Per Day

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What do our Genuine Broaster Chicken operators say about our equipment?

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