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Locations with high volume choose Genuine Broaster Chicken and Broaster Pressure Fryers.

Genuine Broaster Chicken is a perfect addition to your grocery store offerings

Imagine being able to cook up to 384 pieces of chicken per hour in one Broaster 2400 Pressure Fryer. That’s what our highest volume locations do! In fact, they typically have a few machines running at the same time. Grocery stores and delis need high quality chicken and equipment that yields high throughput and holding time for their peak periods. Don’t open fry chicken for 20-25 minutes, pressure fry 8 head in approximately 10 minutes! Customers love Genuine Broaster Chicken and they know it means a high-quality product with a light and crispy coating.

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Kenjo Markets operator Helen Potter said customers at the company’s Johnson City, Tenn. Location, also a Broaster partner, are “always looking for a good value” from chicken foodservice along with the grab-and-go convenience.

CSD Magazine, June 13, 2019

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