C-Store Operators

Adding freshly hand-breaded, golden, juicy and delicious Genuine Broaster Chicken menu concept to your business will drive traffic and add sales to your food programs. Chicken sales can easily exceed $100,000 per year with ROI in typically less than 1 year. A great destination driving food product like Genuine Broaster Chicken will boost all dayparts including dinner, but also elevate other sales layers like beverages, snacks, and fuel.

By adding Genuine Broaster Chicken to your convenience location, you expanded your menu and created signature menu items that consumers love. Next step is to determine what menu you want to offer – choose from Genuine Broaster Chicken 8 piece cut, Tenders, Wings and Sandwiches. Shown on the following pages are menus that offer one fresh protein, two or more! Genuine Broaster Chicken gives you a complete program with the flexibility to decide what menu is best for your location and customers.


“Adding Genuine Broaster Chicken to my store created instant traffic and profits. Convenience store customers, of course, want food fast. But they also want quality. That’s why I added the Genuine Broaster Chicken branded food program to my store. A totally turn-key program, they give you everything you need to serve up the tender, juicy chicken that millions love. And that’s why I got Broasted!”

– Tim S.

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