The world’s most famous chicken was created back in 1954
when our founder not only invented the revolutionary Broaster®
Pressure Fryer but also developed our legendary Genuine Broaster
Chicken® recipe. The combination of the two created our unique
lip-smacking chicken that is crispy, light, juicy and delicious.

Ordinary chicken just can’t compare to our proprietary coating
and marinade that produces chicken with fewer calories, less fat
and a fraction of the carbs of open-fried leading brands. The golden,
crispy result is a chicken with a taste nothing short of amazing.
If you are looking for real chicken that is really good, choose
Genuine Broaster Chicken, available now and ready for you at
more than 5,000 locations nationwide.

"Crispy outside. Moist and juicy inside. This is without question
my favorite chicken in the world. It's ridiculously delicious!"

- E. Martinez, Waukegan, IL